Catch and dunk crack

Dwight Howard hit a career-low 48.9 percent from the free throw line in 2015-16, a pretty significant mill milestone for someone who entered the league in 2004, and someone whose free throw work has been endlessly scrutinized for over a decade.

Howard, then working for the Houston Rockets, was also a repeated target of the ‘Hack-a-Shaq’ defensive philosophy, fouled purposely throughout contests in order to send his sub-standard stroke to the charity stripe in hopes for a pair of clangs. Though the NBA put in some rule changes regarding that strategy over the offseason, this strategy figures to sustain in 2016-17 when Howard suits up for his hometown Atlanta Hawks.

Desperate, Dwight has now taken to attempting to improve his stroke from even farther out than the 15-foot free throw line. Howard is apparently looking to become more confident in hitting 19-footers, in the hopes that the muscle memory will aid him as he works to crack more than even from the stripe from here on out ( via Ananth Pandian at CBS Sports ):

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